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Kyle & McGowan is a boutique family law firm located in Ultimo, Sydney.

Suite 3.06, 22-36 Mountain Street,
Ultimo 2007

We offer expert family law advice and representation in all areas of family law.

We understand the complexities of contemporary family life and tailor our service to your unique circumstances.

Our approach is conciliatory and settlement focused.

We will protect and promote your rights and interests, and the rights and interests of your children.

We are clear and effective advocates and will represent you with skill and diligence.

We value honesty, fairness, and diversity.

your rights

You have the right to a fair deal financially.

You have the right to live without fear for your personal safety (our expertise includes domestic violence)

Children have the right to be safe.

Children have the right to enjoy meaningful relationships with both parents and other people who are important to them.

You have the right to a fair, honest, and confidential relationship with your lawyers.

You have the right to equality under the law (our expertise includes same-sex families).

our services

financial - property settlement (the division of assets, liabilities and superannuation), spousal maintenance, binding financial agreements, child support agreements, consent orders, court proceedings.

parenting - who your children live with and spend time with (often referred to as "child custody and access" or "child residence and contact", terms no longer used in family law), parenting decisions such as education, health, religion, relocation (when a parent wants to move away with the children), parenting plans, consent orders, court proceedings.

divorce - in most cases, people do not need a lawyer to get a divorce (there is a DIY Kit). Getting a divorce order is separate from the procedure for family law financial and parenting issues.

agreements - binding financial agreements, parenting plans, child support agreements, consent orders.

advocacy - if you need to go to court, we have the experience and expertise to carefully prepare your evidence and represent you effectively. Going to court should always be the last resort for many reasons, not least because it is hugely expensive both financially and emotionally.

legal aid - if possible, we will act for you on a grant of Legal Aid.

our family lawyers

Amy McGowan
BA, GCertProfEth, LLB, GDLP, LLM
Jenna Lewandoski
Katy Jenkins
BA (Hons), LLB (Hons), GDLP



our support team

Scarlett Misiluti
Practice Manager

Our Best Friend

our approach

reliable advice & guidance - from the outset we listen carefully to clearly identify the issues as they arise, explain the relevant law, and guide you through the various considerations, options, and strategies to help you decide what to do next.

information & referrals - we help ensure you have the support you need, such as mediators, counsellors, information or courses about keeping the separation positive for your children.

negotiating agreements - we support you to negotiate your own agreements directly with your former partner but if things get complicated or there is high conflict, bullying, or domestic violence we will negotiate on your behalf.

drafting documents - when you have reached agreement, we draft legally binding documents to formalise your agreement.

representation - when you need a lawyer by your side we represent you, whether in negotiations by correspondence between lawyers, at mediation, or in court.

contact us

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